Get ready to lead from the pew

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Here’s how it works:

Every Monday, I send out an e-mail message with the devotionals for the week. The e-mails are broken down by day of the week, so there’s a little bit of work for you to do each day, Monday through Friday.

So that means you’ll get your very first devotional e-mail on Monday – watch for it in your inbox!


What you will need:

This devotional series is designed for not just passive reading, but for ACTION. My hope is that you will find this devotional helpful as you prayerfully seek out opportunities for leadership in your church community and the world around you. In order to do that, I’m going to ask you to respond to some questions each week in a notebook, journal, or word processing software of some kind. I recommend you go out and set this up now, either by purchasing a notebook or creating a file on your computer!

Keep your Bible with this notebook, too, so you’ll be able to refer to it (and highlight, if that’s your preference) as you work through the devotional materials.

Each day, you will need to open Monday’s e-mail and read through that day’s mini lesson and respond to any questions it might contain.


Make it work for YOU:

The best way to get something out of this e-mail series is to make time for it in your schedule. Right now, set aside a time each day when you’re going to work this devotional time into your schedule! You will need approximately 5-15 minutes each day, Monday-Friday, to read over that day’s mini-lesson and (in some cases) respond to questions in your journal.

Since I know it’s common for your schedule to change on the weekends and it can be hard to maintain a habit on those days, we’re doing something a little bit differently on Saturdays and Sundays. Each week, I will issue you a leadership challenge – this is where I will encourage you to take ACTION to work towards a particular leadership goal, and on the weekends that’s your opportunity to look for ways to incorporate that action into your life.

So Monday-Friday you need a quiet spot and a few minutes to yourself for reading, reflection, and prayer. Then on the weekends, I ask you to be open to the opportunities that God will put into your life for you to use your leadership skills for the betterment of yourself and your community.


Thank you for joining me on this journey! I’ll see you in your inbox on Monday!