I have just finished teaching at an annual weekend retreat and just like every year prior, it was awesome!

This retreat is special in a variety of ways. Even though I think mixing it up is a good idea, they bring me back every year. It is so much fun that my husband wants to go with me and takes time off of work to do so. Many of the attendees return year-after-year and if not every year, then whenever they can. It is the perfect example of why any small business with a reasonably sized following should host their own retreat.

Unique Sales Opportunities

Ultimately the goal of any business-based retreat is to make money. But retreat fees are not the only avenue. Retreats create a focused group of buyers, and people buying in groups is a good thing!

There is a crowd mentality that results in folks typically buying more than they would if they went into your shop or visited your site on their own. Although it might not truly be a buying frenzy, there is no doubt that people do buy more. So the idea to remember: make sure there are opportunities to buy!

Build Relationships

No matter what kind of business you have, online or in-person, relationships can made stronger through a retreat. Because retreats focus on a select group of people and you get to know them over an extended period of time, a deeper, more meaningful relationship naturally develops.

As humans, we are always prefer to do business with people we know and like. Investing the time to host a retreat often results in more business down the road.

Go Deeper

A retreat provides an opportunity to go deeper into a topic. Although ultimately the time can be intense, it is most always considered to be more valuable than any other offering your business provides.

Because retreats are in-person, it is easier to encourage people to stretch beyond their normal limits. The camaraderie between attendees provides a natural support structure. And with attendees in the same room, it is much easier to gauge their levels of understanding and engagement.

Create Community

Over the course of several days, new friendships will often emerge. This is a bonus for your business as you and your business form the bond that brought them together. As new offerings arise after the retreat, one friend will often encourage another to purchase or participate, making it a long-term win.

In addition, community is a great method of maintaining momentum and providing support. If your ultimate goal is to provide value over time, a community helps make that happen.

It Is Fun

Hosting a retreat does take effort and planning. But if it is done well, once the retreat starts, it can be fun not only for the attendees, but also for you as the host. It is your reward for doing a good job!

If you are able to enjoy the time, deepen your relationships and strengthen your business all at the same time, what is stopping you from taking the plunge?

What to Do Next

In a few weeks I will be launching my new online course on How to Plan a Retreat for Fun and Profit, but in the meantime I have some quick tips and ideas to get you started. If you are interested, all you need to do is sign up for my retreat planning list by clicking here. As always, there is no obligation, just some ideas to get you started down the path.

In the meantime, I would love for you to share in the comments below – what has been your biggest obstacle to hosting a retreat?