Although I have always loved Sci-Fi, I only became a Doctor Who fan after the reboot 10 years ago. Since then I have discovered that Doctor Who not only knows how to manipulate and move through time, but how to manage it as well.

Even though his antics may seem like they are only about adventure, human nature and morality stories, there are also good ideas on time management and achieving our goals. I mean, in the end, his goal is always achieved, right?!?!

You Don’t Need All the Steps to Get Started

I think this is often where many of us get stalled on any project or goal. We fear that without knowing the entire plan we are guaranteed to fail. But rarely does The Doctor ever have more than the next step or two figured out. He works under the premise that by taking a step (or an action) you are bound to discover what the next step or action should be. The part that is actually important is getting started.

Pay Attention to the Results

In almost every scenario, the key piece of knowledge is gained through keen observation. Although most of us have been trained to analyze what happened when something fails, few of us take time to make the same observations when we have success. Learning to repeat good behaviors and processes is just as important, if not more so, than avoiding the negative. People with excellent time management skills always learn to replicate positive results.

Get Over It and Move On

Not everything will go as planned. Sometimes it is (was) in your control and sometimes not. Other than taking time to “learn” from the opportunity, it is important to get over it and move on. Even though The Doctor literally has all the time in the world (and more), he is never seen wasting it by second guessing himself. Choices are made and sometimes they are right and sometimes not, but either way, you have to move on from this point in time and space – whether good or bad.

Support Systems Help

Even a Time Lord needs the guidance, help and support of others (in the show they are called Companions). They are The Doctor’s sounding board and reality check. During the few episodes without a Companion, things never seem to move along as well until a “temporary” Companion shows up. Having a support structure of co-workers, family or friends, especially when challenging choices loom, helps all tasks and goals progress more smoothly.

Be Present

Although he has traveled through time and space (or maybe because he has), The Doctor understands the importance of focusing on right here, right now. Mulit-tasking never really works, at least not if any of the tasks are actually important. Focus on the task at hand, get it done, then move on to the next thing. There is always a next thing to do, but you rarely feel any satisfaction if you try to do all of them at once.

Are you a Doctor Who fan? What time management techniques have you learned from the Time Lord?