For nearly two years now I have been a member of Platform University (the business training membership site led by Michael Hyatt). It is one of the best investments I have made in my business.

True confession: as a life-long learner, I am a bit of a training junkie. But that does not make the investment any less valuable; in fact, the opposite is true. As a membership site, with new content presented in a variety of ways, member forums and special member bonuses, Platform University is significantly better than a lot of training programs. I am going to give nine reasons why joining Platform University has made great business sense in my life. If you can relate to just one of my reasons, you should consider joining, too (memberships will be opening soon).

1. Great Information

Each week there is a new piece of content added to the site, and each week in the month has a specific focus.

  • Week 1 – Master Class – Michael interviews industry experts around a wide range of topics.
  • Week 2 – Member Makeover – Michael and Megan review one member’s site and provide specific feedback, with suggestions for improvements or changes.
  • Week 3 – Backstage Pass – This week gives Platform University members a behind-the-scenes look at activities, processes and personal insights from Team Michael Hyatt.
  • Week 4 – Q&A – Michael hosts a live session where members can ask their most pressing questions. If you miss it, it is recorded and posted later.

Content is delivered in a variety of ways, which appeals to a wide audience. Even if not everything speaks to you or is appropriate to your current situation, there are always great nuggets of information to find in every new piece of content.

2. Member Forums

As a small business owner or solopreneur, it  can be easy to feel very alone. The beauty of the member forums is that you quickly discover, in fact, that others are in the same boat with you. Some have found solutions, others are there just to commiserate. Regardless, the community allows you to find like-minded individuals, create valuable relationships and find practical solutions to your current real world issues.

3. Anytime Access

Because my work/travel schedule is quite erratic I love that I can access not only the current information, but content from weeks and months past, whenever it works for my schedule. I often use long layovers and/or airplane time to get caught up on the information that I find most valuable.

Because I am not online on a regular basis, I often find a thread of interest long after it has gone cold, but that doesn’t matter. If I have a thought or relevant question I can still post it and members on the thread will be notified. Even so, most of the time I lurk, gaining wisdom in a much more passive way. Whatever is your style, Platform University accommodates it!

4. Amazing Bonuses

Partly due to the nature of a membership site combined with the generosity of Michael Hyatt, all sorts of bonuses show up for Platform University members without warning – but with significant value. More times than I can count, the unexpected bonus would have more than paid for the cost of the membership for that month.

That is not to say that every month has a bonus. But when they do, they are incredibly valuable.

5. Community and Connection

This is somewhat related to #3 above, but is also a little different. As you participate in Platform University, you quickly discover folks who have similar business models, agendas, or business philosophies. Through your membership it is relatively easy to develop an actual relationship.

This relationship can become either part of your peer group (more on that next week) or someone who will mentor you or for whom you will become a mentor. Every one of these relationships is valuable to your personal and professional growth. And honestly, in most cases these connections would have never been made otherwise.

6. Incredible Value

Because I was a reasonably early adopter, my pricing is less than what will currently be offered, but even so, a similar training program could easily run 3 to 10 times as much as I pay on an annual basis. The real advantage of Platform University is that because Michael Hyatt continues to add new information and content, there is always more to learn.

In addition, as my business model transforms, adjusts and changes I can re-visit information that may not have been relevant at the time, but all of sudden is business-critical.

It is the primary reason that I maintain my membership even when there are months that I don’t even visit the site. When I do get there, the one, two, or ten pieces of new knowledge are well-worth any monies I have been investing in the interim.

7. A Great Example

One of the greatest values I have gained from this investment is the process of learning by example. Over a year ago, my knitting partnership launched a membership site that was based on the structure of Platform University. Without the vision of what might be possible, this unique and growing opportunity might have otherwise been missed.

While Michael’s membership site was able to model for mine, there are even more similar examples happening with the members of Platform University. If you think you have an idea but aren’t quite sure how to execute it, there is probably information on the site that will help you down the path or provide a viable example for you.

8. If You Have a Message, You Need a Platform

This is actually one of the key messages that Michael shares. Regardless of your message, if you have one, you need to have a platform to share it. As the internet becomes more and more crowded, the challenges continue to grow. The Platform University members understand the struggle and are generously willing to share their thoughts and insights. All you need is an open mind and a willingness to give something new a try!

9. These Are Good People

Last and far from least, the people associated with Platform University (both the members and the people managing the site) are good people. Although I am sure a few trolls have tried to join, they are quickly contained to the point that there is no evidence of them. This is truly saying something with a community the size of Platform University. It says much about the folks managing the site, but it also speaks volumes about the membership.

The generosity of Michael and his team is genuine and sincere. And if you have the opportunity to meet any of the team in person as I did in 2013, you will still not be disappointed! The internet personas live up to an in-person encounter.

What Is Stopping You?

Nine reasons to join Platform University should be more than plenty. Plus, there’s a bonus of a great free video series that Michael is offering right now – something you don’t want to miss!

What is the business problem you are currently struggling with?

Answer that question in the comments below and I will share what I have learned from Platform University that could be applied to your situation. And don’t wait to get on the list – memberships only open for a short period of time!