Hi all! Jess here, Gwen’s assistant. Gwen is having a heck of a busy week, so she has handed me the keys to the blog. Some of you may be fairly new readers who haven’t had a chance to dig through the archives, so today I’ve rounded up 6 of my favorite posts on leadership. Enjoy!

Thoughts on Leadership

  • The 3 Essentials of Leadership – What makes a good leader? Does every leader who serves with you possess those qualities? What about the prospective leadership candidates you’re considering adding to your team?
  • Everyone is a Leader – Believe it or not, somewhere inside you is the capacity to lead. You may feel unprepared or inexperienced if you’re called upon to take a leadership role, but that doesn’t mean you should turn it down.
  • How to Be a Leader – If you still feel like you’re not qualified to be a leader, then it’s time to get some practice under your belt! Follow these 3 simple steps to begin your leadership journey.
  • The Elle Woods Guide to Leadership – Leadership examples can sometimes come from surprising sources. Elle Woods, law student, is one of them! This post takes you through all the lessons on leadership you can learn from everyone’s favorite blonde.
  • Mentoring: The Art of Guiding – Sometimes a good leader just needs a little guidance in order to become a great leader. Whether you’re looking for a mentor for yourself, or you’d like to use your experience to mentor another, this guide is a good place to begin.
  • On Doing the Hard Thing – Sometimes being a leader means you have to make the hard choices. Sometimes the choice to step into a leadership role is, in itself, a difficult one. Though when you come to think of it, doing the hard thing usually means you have fewer regrets in the long run.

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