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Since I have become more focused on my blogging activities I have also discovered that I have become dedicated to reading some blogs more than others. I use a blog reader to help me wade through all the various blogs that I want to keep tabs on, but after some time, I have discovered there are five that I rarely skip.

These five blogs appeal to me for different reasons, but also have some characteristics in common. Of course, they are all well-written. And that continues to be my goal for this blog as well, but there is more to it than just the writing, because there are lots of good writers blogging on the internet. These bloggers also have something to say.

The following are my five not-to-miss blogs, in no particular order:

Seth Godin has been a long-time standard in the blogging universe. Honestly, I don’t like to follow the crowd — just because — so I avoided reading Seth’s blog for quite some time. But his posts are very thought provoking and forward thinking; they almost always make me pause to rethink whatever I am working on at the moment.

The first blogger who focused on writing that I really latched onto was Jeff Goins. I knew I needed to focus on writing and his words always seemed so relate-able an doable that I quickly became a fan. I also like his general life philosophy as well.

Copyblogger is actually the work of multiple people, but very focused on writing copy for blogs. Although occasionally a piece is not applicable to my specific situation, it is rare.  The advice the bloggers give is easy to digest and they are great about giving examples to provide an additional level of understanding.

One of my newest finds is Time Management Ninja. I am personally a bit of a time management ninja myself, so the topic is of particular interest.  Some articles just confirm my existing practices, but others make me think about time management in a new way — and I really like that!

I discovered Michael Hyatt via some of these other blogs and I have become a fangirl. His generosity of spirit and personality really comes through on his blog. The super bonus is that he has outstanding information to share, and does so regularly.

So these are the five blogs that I faithfully read – leave a comment and share yours!!