Presenters come in all shapes and sizes, using a variety of skills, working in a myriad of venues. But whether they are working as professional speakers, writers, instructors, trainers or preachers, they all need to know these three secrets to being a successful presenter.

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The truth is that these aren’t secrets in the “you shouldn’t tell” sort of way – they are secrets because people either don’t know about them or are unaware of their importance. But if your message is important and being at the top of your game matters to you, these three secrets are the key to your success.

No matter how good you are, you can be better. 

This is an incredibly difficult lesson to learn. Ask me how I know! The top performer in any field does not stay at the top for long without continuously honing, developing and improving their skills. A corollary to this is that on any given day, there is someone who is better than you. Top professionals know and understand this, but the point is lost on many. The good news is that by knowing this secret, you have the ability to quickly pass your competition on the road to excellence.

Honest critique is difficult to find, but critical to success.

Criticism is everywhere, but is rarely useful. Critique, on the other hand, is rather rare – but incredibly valuable. It is nearly impossible to observe oneself and be able to really see with an objective eye. Honest feedback gives you the information you need to improve (see the point above). The key to utilizing critique successfully is to only focus on correcting one or two aspects at a time. Replacing an old habit with a new behavior takes time and requires practice and repetition. If you try to focus on too many issues at one time, you will end up not making any improvements in the long term.

There is a simple methodology available to focus your message.

This past week I spent some of the most intense days I can remember learning, practicing and implementing the SCORRE methodology. I don’t know why this continues to be a secret; it is easily one of the best events I have ever attended. Although I strongly recommend attending the conference, financial and time concerns may be a limitation. However, there is also an online version that is currently being offered for an early-bird price.  If your message matters, the investment is completely worth it. In my case, in less than 48 hours it has already paid off in more ways than I can count.

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